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High Precision Inspection & Testing

Welcome to Delta Inspection

Inspired on the understanding that the industry needs expert abilities for contract gear inspection services, Delta Inspection has the capabilities and equipment to meet your inspection and testing needs. As our Delta Gear facility is "Best in Class" for precision machining, Delta Inspection follows its predecessors as "Best in Class" for gear inspection.

Delta Inspection Features:

  • Gear inspection sourcing
  • Sorting
  • Composite testing
  • Prototype inspection
  • CMM inspection

Our Abilities Range From:

  • Gear inspection up to 39 inches (1 meter)
  • Roundness and cylindricity inspection of bores and diameters
  • Laser guided concentricity analysis
  • Surface testing
  • Nadcap Certified for nital etch and temper etch inspection
  • Nadcap certified magnetic particle inspection
  • CMM inspection with Revo Scanning Head capable of calculating 3,000 measurements/second - great for scanning turbine blades and propeller blades with complex profiles as well as difficult to reach locations (in addition to standard 3,4 & 5-Axis measuring)
  • Single flank gear testing
  • Double flank gear testing
  • Unknown gear testing

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